A smarter way to accurately 

predict hormone imbalances.

Simplifying the capture of symptomatology

Devised by Dr Ken Speidel, the SMART Hormone Assessment is a simple online questionnaire that accurately predicts hormone imbalances based on an extensive series of Symptomatology.

The treating Physician forwards to the Patient an assessment link. The Assessment captures medical history, lifestyle, family medical history, and a series of Symptomatology. Each symptom is rated by the Patient using a scale between 0 and 10.

How it works

The patient answers the questions subjectively and a complex algorithm provides insight to the hormone imbalance.

Quick and easy patients can complete the Assessment in their own time.

Coupled with blood and/or saliva tests the Assessment will identify imbalances.

Complete in your own time

The Assessment usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete, comprising four sections, capturing a patients medical history, lifestyle factors, family medical history and finally the Symptomatology Questionnaire which has 43 questions for the men, and 54 for the women.

How it Works

Register your interest

Hormone Assessment registration is made available to licensed Medical Practitioners only.