The SMART Hormone Assessment tool is a digital adaption of the work of Dr. Ken Speidel. SMART SEPPO Pty Ltd that owns and manages hormoneassessment.com has one sole director, Mr Ralph Kaiko, an Australian Pharmacist who has seen first hand the benefits of HRT. 

Mr Ralph Kaiko (B.Pharm)

I have practiced Pharmacy in Australia for 40 years. I first met Dr. Ken Speidel around 2005, having attended a Hormone Imbalance Seminar presented by Ken. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and Ken's insights and became an early adopter of his symptomology assessment. Today, I am fortunate to call Dr. Ken Speidel a friend. I continue to routinely attend annual seminars to enhance my knowledge and that of my pharmacy team. I asked Ken around 2015 if he would support me in digitising the Assessment, hoping we could assist patients and treating physicians alike.

The intention of the SMART Hormone Assessment tool is to assist treating Physicians in supplementing physical blood and saliva testing with rated symptomatology that can easily be referenced against future assessments to gauge progress.

We have recently launched SMART v.2.0, with a new look and feel that allows patients to complete the Assessment on their mobile device. We will continue to invest and improve the digital platform to ensure a positive user experience for patients and simplified reporting for Physicians.


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