The SMART Hormone Assessment Tool has been created for treating Physicians to accurately capture patient symptomatology and assess it using an algorithm created by Doctor Ken Speidel.

The Assessment comprises 4 parts which typically takes 15 - 20 minutes to complete. Once the assessment has been completed by the patient a report is created for the treating Physician, that highlights likely hormonal imbalances and specific symptomatology.

The assessment, requires the patient to complete the following:

  1.  Brief overview of their medical history
  2.  Lifestyle assessment
  3.  Family medical background
  4.  Symptomatology questionnaire that comprises of 43+ questions

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The Hormone Assessment is sent to the patient by email. The patient simply follows a link to complete the questionnaire. The basic process is:

  1. Doctor must register for an Account.
  2. Once registered and approved the Doctor is given 2 free credits to trial and test the Assessment tool.
  3. The doctor must select ADD NEW PATIENT.
  4. To send the patient an email link to complete the assessment the Doctor must click MANAGE next to the patients name, and then click EMAIL CLIENT which will provide a pop up box with a default email and the assessment link. Edit if required but do not remove or try and edit the link.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the pop up box and click SEND/SCHEDULE ITEM.

The assessment will now be on its way to the Patient Account. The email link will hit the Patient account within 5-minutes of sending.


Each credit equates to one patient assessment. Pricing below is inclusive of tax. 

Credits can be purchased in the following bundles:
•   20 credits - $110.00 (AUD) 
•   50 credits - $220.00 (AUD)
•   100 credits - $330.00 (AUD)
•   200 credits - $550.00 (AUD)                                                                   

For each new registered "Doctor Account" we provide two free credits to test and trial the system. To register for a Doctor Account you must be a certified Physician. You can follow this link to the Register Page.